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The Magic Maze of Toys

The success of the Christmas advertising campaign is the result of a combination of the imagination of the youngest and the professionalism and good-work of Spain’s toy industry. Children aren’t easy clients. They are experts and they know exactly what they want. As a result, the toy industry floods the market with new products before Christmas.

If we turn into Peter Pan for a moment, we can enter this world and walk among characters from comics and current movies, trikes, cars, bikes, dolls, fancy dresses, musical toys for babies, construction and didactic toys, traditional toys improved by means of the application of new technologies.

According to the AEFJ (Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers) all the toys chosen by their small hands have led Spain to reach sales of up to 165.81€ per child in 2004, and sales are expected to rise to 174.93€ in 2005, excluding video games. Exports reached the figure of 373.23 million Euro in 2004, mainly distributed in Europe, North America and Latin America while China still remains the main focus in imports, covering 63%.

After observing these figures, we must turn into adults again to consider the best product we are going to purchase for them.

Imports have resulted in the introduction counterfeit and poor-quality toys endangering our children's health. It is of utmost importance to follow some pieces of advice from the industry to avoid future problems:

Read instructions, which must be in our language. Check the data of the manufacturer or importer. Look at the difference in prices between apparently similar products. Buy toys suitable for the child's age. Control the possible toxicity of the product and the size or dangerousness of pieces. Above all, keep the receipt for any possible complaints. We cannot toy with our children’s safety.

Though there are some people are unfortunate to not not having to share this joy of presenting toys to past relatives, who know nothing of their past fmaily history or family tree. Their are also some who are under this catergory, want to find out. Tracing information on their ancestors mean to some people. In page "Spanish Genealogy" could be the first step in getting there.


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