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The evolution of technology focused on making life easier for the end-user, together with the fast pace of the cinema industry, have created a combination that has attracted absolutely all the members of the family, from the youngest to the oldest: enjoying cinema with a high visual and acoustic quality in the comfort of their own homes.

This new trend was in great evidence last Christmas, when large department stores ran out of stocks of all the appliances related to home cinema, from flat-screen TVs to home cinema units or DVD players, not to mention cordless headphones, and even popcorn machines. No effort is spared to make sure they enjoy the latest Hollywood films on the sofa, without missing any details.

According to a survey carried out by a well-known poll agency, 91 % of Spaniards are happy to be invited to see a film in the home of a friend or relative, which just goes to show the growing need to have one of these appliances in one’s home if one doesn’t want to be considered out of date with respect to these kinds of events.

Consequently, if we want an acceptable home cinema unit in our home, we must have several essential elements. First of all, the TV. A flat screen is better than a tube TV, from an aesthetic point of view. Once we have decided on this option, we then have to choose between LCD or plasma technology. The image quality is similar, but an LCD screen lasts much longer than a plasma screen, without forgetting the price. A plasma TV has a larger visibility angle, but the optimum angle of an LCD screen gives perfect image contrast.

After selecting the TV model, we then have to select a DVD player. Some DVDs cost from 50 € for a basic model, to over 1,000 €. The question is to make your choice by taking into account your own possibilities and the use you wish to make of the product, without forgetting the formats this machine must be able to play, although normally a TV costing more than 3,000 € will usually be accompanied by a good DVD player.

Now it’s time to purchase the home cinema unit. Which one is best? In making this difficult choice, the consumer must bear in mind the size of his/her lounge in selecting the right audio strength. A home cinema unit is a product that has only recently been introduced and which has a built-in audio decoding device, sometimes a DVD player and six speakers that are placed in strategic points (following the instructions) in the lounge, where the films are to be shown. There are a great many options available, but the trend in the sector is to purchase home cinema units without cables, to avoid the walls of the house being covered with those ugly black and red audio cables.

Having selected the equipment in accordance with our possibilities, the only thing we need now is to choose a good film that will please all our guests. However, this is such a subjective matter that it escapes the scope of technology.

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