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The Future home is here

Information technology has joined consumer electronics and has revolutionised people’s way of living both inside and outside the home. If some years ago the revolution was driven by mobile phones, nowadays the term revolutionizing industry is domotics. Thanks to this new science, the electronics shaping a home are interconnected, they dialogue and interact with users to make life more comfortable for us and our families.

A domotic house is one in which users, without even getting up from their sofa give voice instructions to electronic devices so that they will carry out certain tasks. All these instructions are processed by a computer, which represents the control centre of our interconnected house and redirects the action to the corresponding device. Home appliances must be connected to this central computer, as it is the interlocutor between device and user.

The functions supported by a smart house vary from lowering a blind by remote control to switching on the washing machine while you are at some miles distance from home, as well as enjoying the contents of your PC located in one room of the house in the image and sound system of another room. Many Spain holiday apartments have under gone such changes for more convenient hospitality.

However, comfort is not the only advantage of domotics. A house equipped with a smart system can multiply its security potential, as, among many other services, this system offers the possibility of guarding your house from a distance, preventing many incidents and even acting remotely in case of burglary.

Industrial support

Many firms have joined forces so that dotomics will become a common and integrated concept in households.
Industry has decisively gone for smart house development, which is something that is coming closer and closer and will soon form part of our daily lives.

This has been proved in the last SIMO fair edition, held in Madrid, and where it was possible to enjoy live, through the Digital Community 2004 project, an entire smart home in which all appliances where interconnected, from heating to lighting. In this futuristic house firms like Nokia have been present, showing together with Lartec an operative system that enables you to use the mobile phone to operate electronic house appliances, and the Dutch company, Philips, which has recently launched its “Connected Planet”, ranging from universal remote control for almost all home appliances to a home cinema system capable of downloading contents directly from the Internet through a wireless access

In order to make the idea of domotics more human and real, two people have lived in that house for a week, proving the advantages offered by a home that can be controlled without even getting up from our sofa.

Congratulations to lazy people, their future house has come.

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